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DiNovo Cordless Desktop For Notebooks, Optical Mouse, 3 Buttons, Number Keypad, USB, Black/Silver
Product code: 967428-0100
Warranty: 1 year
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This product has been discontinued!
Product Overview


The Logitech® diNovo™ Cordless Desktop® for Notebooks delivers a maximum blend of comfort, convenience, and flexibility — whether you´re at your desk or on the go. It sets a new standard in design. With accents from the world of consumer electronics, it fits precisely with today´s sleek PC styling. And Logitech´s smart wireless technology creates a unique encrypted pairing between your keyboard, numeric pad, mouse, and your receiver, making it optimal for today´s performance and security demands.

A flexible solution for any PC

The ideal keyboard and mouse for either a full-size PC or a notebook PC being used as a main desktop computer.

  • An elegant, ultra-flat keyboard, with full-size typing layout and full-travel keys — much more comfortable for notebook users.
  • A separate cordless numeric pad that doubles as a smart calculator and thermometer, displays time and date, and gives you more flexibly in arranging your desk space.
  • A compact USB mini-receiver that plugs either directly into your PC or into the convenient USB desktop stand.

Convenience and performance when you´re on the go

The desktop that can instantly go mobile with you—anywhere. Simply unplug the USB mini -receiver from its stand, pack, and go.
  • When on the road, the USB mini-receiver plugs directly into your notebook, without cords.
  • Your portable optical mouse features an on/off switch to extend battery life and comes with a carrying case.
  • Your cordless numeric pad is ready to go, too, if you need it