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Airtime & Data Bundles
Prepaid Only
Buy MTN Airtime & Data Bundles
Simple as 1, 2, 3:
  • login or open an account;
  • setup billing & payment details;
  • buy Airtime & Data bundles instantly*;
  • Instant activation* for verified accounts, 24 x 7;
  • PIN-less: directly loaded to your SIM;
  • Easy payment: secure Credit Card or EFT**;
  • Express Checkout: 2 clicks to select a product & 2 clicks to checkout;
  • Online Phone Book: no need to remember phone numbers, conveniently manage your whole family or business airtime & data purchases from one place;
* first time purchases are subject to a manual identity & credit card verification, which can take up to 1 business day;
** EFT payments are processed manually, therefore no instant delivery is available; Ask us about pre-funded cash account for details on how to get instant delivery with EFT payments;
MTN Prepaid Airtime
  • only for Prepaid MTN mobile SIMs;
  • never expires;
  • non refundable;
  • instant activation for verified customers;
R 10.00 Airtime R 10.00 buy
R 30.00 Airtime R 30.00 buy
R 50.00 Airtime R 50.00 buy
R 75.00 Airtime R 75.00 buy
R 100.00 Airtime R 100.00 buy
R 150.00 Airtime R 150.00 buy
R 200.00 Airtime R 200.00 buy
R 250.00 Airtime R 250.00 buy
R 300.00 Airtime R 300.00 buy
R 400.00 Airtime R 400.00 buy
R 500.00 Airtime R 500.00 buy
MTN Prepaid Data Bundles
  • only for Prepaid MTN mobile SIMs;
  • expires in 30 days from date of purchase;
  • non refundable;
  • instant activation for verified customers;
20MB Data Bundle R 12.00 R 0.60/MB buy
100MB Data Bundle R 35.00 R 0.35/MB buy
300MB Data Bundle R 85.00 R 0.28/MB buy
500MB Data Bundle R 105.01 R 0.21/MB buy
1GB Data Bundle R 160.00 R 0.16/MB buy
2GB Data Bundle R 260.00 R 0.13/MB buy