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ICASA will be soon passing new legislation regarding expiring time of data bundles. So far MTN and CellC is discontinuing certain denominations. We do not yet know what the new denominations will be.

MTN has discontinued 5MB, 500MB, 2GB, 5GB. The rest of the denominations SHOULD BE WORKING NOW - it seems they resolved the problem that appeared since Friday 18 May.

CellC has discontinued all their data denominations (we removed them from our sister site already).

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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  • setup billing & payment details;
  • buy Airtime & Data bundles instantly*;
  • Instant activation* for verified accounts, 24 x 7;
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  • Online Phone Book: no need to remember phone numbers, conveniently manage your whole family or business airtime & data purchases from one place;
* first time purchases are subject to a manual identity & credit card verification, which can take up to 1 business day;
** EFT payments are processed manually, therefore no instant delivery is available; Ask us about pre-funded cash account for details on how to get instant delivery with EFT payments;
MTN Prepaid Airtime
  • only for Prepaid MTN mobile SIMs;
  • never expires;
  • non refundable;
  • instant activation for verified customers;
R 10.00 Airtime R 10.01 buy
R 30.00 Airtime R 30.00 buy
R 50.00 Airtime R 50.00 buy
R 75.00 Airtime R 75.00 buy
R 100.00 Airtime R 100.00 buy
R 150.00 Airtime R 150.01 buy
R 200.00 Airtime R 200.00 buy
R 250.00 Airtime R 250.00 buy
R 300.00 Airtime R 300.00 buy
R 400.00 Airtime R 400.00 buy
R 500.00 Airtime R 500.00 buy
MTN Prepaid Data Bundles
  • only for Prepaid MTN mobile SIMs;
  • expires in 30 days from date of purchase;
  • non refundable;
  • instant activation for verified customers;
20MB Data Bundle R 11.99 R 0.60/MB buy
100MB Data Bundle R 35.01 R 0.35/MB buy
300MB Data Bundle R 85.00 R 0.28/MB buy
1GB Data Bundle R 160.00 R 0.16/MB buy