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Last updated on 2015/05/16 09:04

What is it?

Dear customers, we are pleased to offer you an opportunity to benefit from your loyalty to NIVO Interactive Shopping. As of the 12th of May 2010, we have added a feature where new customers who open a NIVO account, upon checkout of their first purchase will have the opportunity to specify an email address of a fellow NIVO customer, who referred them to us. For each referred customer who made a successful purchase at NIVO, the referrer will be awarded 2% of the order value (rounded to the nearest whole number) or a minimum of 10 nBucks. nBucks are loyalty points with 1 nBuck being equivalent to R 1.00. You can use your accumulated nBucks as a discount when purchasing from NIVO.


Lets say you have a NIVO account, and you overheard that one of your colleagues is looking for a new notebook. You tell him/her about NIVO and our wide selection of notebooks. He eventually decides to buy from us. Upon checkout he will be prompted for the email address of the person who referred him to us. It is important that he enters your email address as that person, and it is important that this email address is the same as the one used in your NIVO account. He completes the purchase and pays. Upon his/hers order being shipped, you are allocated the appropriate amount of nBucks, which you can see on your nBucks Statement (login required). When placing your next order with us, you will be given the option to use the accumulated nBucks toward the payment for your new order.

The nBucks amount is calculated as follow:

Say your colleague orders a notebook worth R 7,799 and accessories (e.g. Bag & Mouse) worth extra R 700.00. His/her order total will be R 8,499.00. You get 2% of this total credited as nBucks to your NIVO account. The amount will be R 8,499 x 2% = R 169.98 rounded to R 170.00. Thus 170 nBucks will be credited to your account and you will have the opportunity to use them as R 170.00 discount on your next purchase, or accumulate them to a larger amount. Simple!

Ways to Refer Your Friends to NIVO

  • Use the Refer a Friend page to email your friends;
  • Email a product to a friend who is looking for it by using the "email to friend" link available on all product and category pages.
  • Use the "Refer a friend" box found in the right side column on our web site pages;
  • Tell your friend about us in any other way, and provide him/her with your email address, which he/she can use upon openning a NIVO account to let us know that he/she was referred by you;

Terms & Conditions

  • The Bonus will only be awarded to customers with NIVO accounts.
  • The Bonus will only be awarded if the referred customer opens a NIVO account.
  • The Bonus will not be awarded for referring a customer who already has a NIVO account.
  • The Bonus will be awarded only on the first purchase made by a referred customer and it will be based on the purchase net amount (excluding the shipping charge).
  • The Bonus will not be awarded for any consecutive purchases made by a referred customer.
  • The Bonus will be awarded when an eligible customer order has been shipped or become ready for collection.
  • The Bonus will not be awarded for cancelled purchases, even if the cancellation is not per customer request (e.g. goods out of stock or discontinued).
  • The Bonus will be awarded on the net purchase amount, VAT inclusive, excluding any discounts and shipping charges.
  • Bonus will be calculated as 2% from the net purchase amount.
  • Bonus is awarded as nBucks. 1.00 nBuck = R 1.00.
  • Earned bonus amounts can be redeemed against a purchase at NIVO.
  • Earned bonus cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Opening multiple accounts and referring them one from another for the purpose of receiving bonuses will result in a ban from our referral bonus reward program, and forfeiting of all accumulated bonuses from referral bonus amounts.
  • Any non-genuine referrals will result in a ban from the referral bonus program and forfeiting all accumulated bonuses from referral bonus amounts.
  • Bonuses are awarded at our discretion and our decision is final.
  • The Bonus will not be awarded for purchases where special pricing was negotiated between us and the purchaser (e.g. large corporate orders where we have given a volume discount).
  • Bonus will not be awarded unless the referred customer specifies at their first checkout that he was referred by you, by specifying your email address, which has to be the same as the one used in your NIVO account at the time (you can change the email address afterwards, and it will not affect your existing referrals and any allocated or pending bonuses). We shall not award referal bonuses under any other circumstances.
  • Bonus will not be awarded unless the referred by you customer specifies your email address, as found as primary email address under your NIVO account at the time.
  • Although this program is primarily aimed toward referring family, friends and colleagues, you are allowed to refer people you don't personally know (e.g. via forums, blogs, Twitter, Facebook etc.), subject to an acceptable Internet etiquette. Spamming or compromising our name in any way will result in a ban from the referral program and possibly further consequences, not excluding prosecution in extreme cases.
  • You are not allowed to use our site, name or products in any unsolicited emails sent by you, or any other compromising manner whatsoever.
  • There is no limit to the number of people you refer.
  • There is no limit to the amount of bonuses accumulated via referrals.
  • There is no expiry date for the accumulated bonuses.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw the referral bonus reward program at any time and without prior notice. Any accumulated bonuses will remain for you to use as discounts, while any orders placed after the program withdrawal will not result in a bonus.