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Last updated on 2013/03/26 07:04
Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to pay via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer). What do I need to know?

Please use your order number as a reference for your payment, so we can easily link your payment to your order. We recommend that a proof of payment is emailed to or faxed to 088 011 888 6127 (this is a fax to email number and does work, please do not remove any digits) us as soon as payment has been made. This will allow us to secure stock for you order, although we will not ship it until your payment has been cleared into our account.

Our account details are:

Account name:Integral Design Systems t/a Nivo Shopping
Branch code:254905
Account type:Current
Account #:62097771002

Note that if you are transferring from another bank (other than FNB), it may take up to 2 working days (usually will be the next working day) before the money reflects in our account.

How long before my payment is processed/reflected?

Please note that we will process your order as soon as we receive proof of payment with the exception of cheque payment. However we will ship the order only when the funds reflect in our account. Proof of payment is only necessary if you paid by EFT, cash deposit or cheque.

Generally, credit card payments are processed immediately. EFTs (Electronic Fund Transfers) take from 2 hours (intra-bank during working hours) to 2 working days, depending on the time of the day and from which bank the transfer is concluded. Cheque deposits can take up to 2 weeks.

How can I check if you have received my payment?

You can view all the payments made against an order at any time by visiting the Order Status & Tracking section and viewing the order details.

I ordered airtime/a data bundle and paid by EFT but have not received my airtime/data bundle yet, why not?

Airtime and data bundle orders that are paid by EFT will only be loaded once the payment reflects in our account. If you email us the proof of payment we will add it to your order, so you will receive an email saying ‘order paid’ but we will only load the order once the payment reflects. If you purchase airtime/data bundles frequently, to avoid this delay, you can take advantage of our prepaid option where you deposit in our account the amount you expect to use in a month or whichever period you would like to cover, we load it to your Nivo account (once the deposit reflects in our account) and as you place orders our system automatically loads your airtime/data bundles as long as there is enough credit to cover the order.

Can I use the budget facility on my credit card when buying from Nivo Interactive Shopping?

Certainly you can! Please select the appropriate budget period on the credit card payment page.

Is it safe to use my credit card on the internet, and in particular on the Nivo Interactive Shopping web site?

We use MyGate Communications (MyGate) for our credit card payment processing. All credit card details are transmitted over a secure connection to them, and thereafter to the relevant bank. We do not store your Credit Card number and CCV number.

MyGate Security Policy:

  • MyGate Communications processes all credit card transactions on behalf of the beneficiary as agreed.
  • All credit card transactions in question are encrypted using 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.
  • The beneficiary's registration documents and domain(s) are verified by Thawte, giving all parties concerned protection against identity theft in pursuit of confidential information.
  • All security measures implemented by MyGate comply with leading standards and MyGate is continually reviewing and adjusting our security profile to keep aligned with these standards.
  • MyGate provides safe secure credit card transactions.