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Hisense W58 Series 19" LCD TV - Black
HD Ready 1366 x 768, 1 x HDMI, 1 x USB
NIVO#: 20653
Line: W58Model: LCD19W58AR
Warranty: 1 year
Availability  discontinued
N.B. A valid TV licence is needed when ordering a TV. When placing the order please email us your TV License or in the notes section of the order please provide the TV license number and the license holder's name and address which is on the TV license.
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Overview & Features top
  • Enhanced Color Imaging - Using the world's most advanced second-generation image quality enhancement technology (color gamut enhancement technology), Hisense is able to improve the three primary colors imaging and processing technology, and intuitively and effectively adjust and repair the color deviation. In this case, we can not only make most use of the display component to get ideal color, but also precisely adjust color gamut so that the color gamut coverage can come to 80 percent.
  • 3D Comb Filter - By using the unique digital dual-core, the processing speed is four to eight times that of normal flat-panel TVs. In addition, the simulating optimization processing engine uses 3D adaptive technology to attain optimized pixel-by-point, which greatly improves the picture quality. TV programs can be presented with brilliant, high resolution images. The HD video processing engine is able to support the highest-definition format, achieving a new level of picture quality.
  • Full Color Optimizer - Hisense’s Full Color Optimizer technology applies the new (AI) Artificial Intelligence fuzzy control technology in the color engine and enhances color images by a color gamut to get automatic change. Additionally, depending on the signal strength, a Full Color Optimizer can digitally analyze brightness, color, contrast, clarity, and color temperature. DNMETM, ACM, DCDI, and CCS can also be used to upgrade technology, achieving a high-definition image.
  • Crystal clear panel - By eliminating ambient light reflection,the Cystal Clear Panel ensures the integrity of pictures are always deep and detailed ,perfect and pure.
  • HI—DMP - It makes your life easy and simple, as it can easily connect digital cameras, U disk, removable hard disk readable MD, MS, SD, MMC, CF,etc. whether you want to listen to music, watch movies, browse pictures, read novels, or connect other external equipment, Hisense LCD TVs can easily meet your needs. It enables you to really enjoy entertainment in the digital era.
  • Ultra-high contrast - Fully guarantees the brightness of the image , and greatly improves the picture’s sense of layers so that the images appear vivid and clear.
  • Ultra-fast response - The unique circuit in the drive is applied to speed up the rotational speed, so that the ultra-fast response is achieved. Even in the galloping picture, the screen has no tailing, which allows people to enjoy a more brilliant image.
  • Ultra high brightness - There is a brightness enhancement circuit for enhancing details and enhancing picture quality.
  • Super wide visual angle - Super wide visual angle. This enhances viewing efficiency no matter from which angle the program is viewed.
  • HDMI input - High-definition audio and video inputs are applied to make sure the high-definition video and audio can have synchronized output. In addition, the unique HDCP technology is equivalent to the terminal display device, which is embedded HDCP. The digital and audio signals are reverted one-on-one, which ensures that the digital and video signals are not lost, and the original picture effect can be achieved.
  • VGA input - Can be directly connected to your computer as a computer monitor. It has the capability to play various computer files.
  • Dynamic contrast - Mainly process white, grey, and black color and optimize the picture in direction of horizon
  • True Bass audio system - The audio system truly sounds authentic.
  • Comfortable and healthy - Typical LCD TV's present eye fatigue, especially for children, when viewing is of long periods of time. Hisense products can automatically adjust its real-time screen backlight body to ensure there is no fatigue to the human eye.
  • Super Slim frame - Wall-mounted, the airframe makes for an extremely thin design.
  • Low glare - Watch your programs with extremely low glare no matter where the TV is positioned.
Specification top
Product Line
Display Type
Diagonal Size
1366 x 768
Aspect Ratio
HD Compatibility
HD Ready
Built-In Speakers
1.8W x 2
Built-In Tuner
<not specified>
Response Time
HDTV Compatibility
<not specified>
Viewing Angle (H)
Viewing Angle (V)
Input Connectors
Speaker Wattage
<not specified>
Other Features
Energy Consumption
40 watts
< 1 W
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