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Toshiba Canvio for Smartphone Backup Hard Drive
• Automatic smartphone backup and charging in one user operation • Ample space to back up a high number of photos, videos, music, contacts and documents • Easy data transfer to new smartphones • Sleek and elegant design • Easy data management without a PC • Possibility to be used by several devices • User-friendly Android™ app • Supports MicroUSB, Type-A and Type-C USB
NIVO#: 68215Mnf.#: HDWS105EW3AA
Line: Canvio
Warranty: 1 year
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Canvio for Smartphone Backup Hard Drive

Stay cool. The Toshiba Canvio for Smartphone backs up your data and charges your smartphone in one single user operation, so you can focus on the important things in your life. All you need is the sleek Canvio for Smartphone and Android™ app – connect up and you get a backup each time you charge, automatically. There’s no need to worry about the technical details. Your photos, videos, music, contacts and documents are kept current and safe. And if you lose your phone or upgrade to a new model, just transfer the data to the new device and you‘re good to go.

Easy 2-in-1 operation

It's as easy as charging your phone. Just connect your phone to charge and backup takes care of itself automatically after activating the function in the easy-to-use Android app. You don't have to worry about saving important personal data any more. Canvio for Smartphone does it for you. To work with the Canvio for Smartphone your phone needs to support USB On-The-Go (USB OTG) function.

Peace of mind

A lot can happen to a smartphone: it might get dropped, soaked or stolen. You'll never again have to worry about losing your contact list, documents or that special video or photo. All you need is the Android app and the Canvio for Smartphone – your valuable data will be regularly backed up and stays secure.

One for all

Whether you charge in the living room or on your bedside table, your data is kept safely at home, avoiding the risks and costs of a cloud solution. And since the Canvio for Smartphone can be shared by several devices, the whole family will benefit - everyone can share their data and keep it safe and secure.

More than backup

The Canvio for Smartphone is also great for data management. Even without a PC, files can be copied and deleted via the smartphone app. Additionally, you can use it as a regular hard disk with your PC and play the stored files on your Smartphone. It supports MicroUSB as well as Type-A and Type-C USB, offering you more flexibility to connect to existing and future devices.
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Drive Type
Product Line
Product Type
External Hard Drive
500 GB
Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 
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