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BitDefender Mobile Security for Android 2018 - 1 year 1 Device Card
• 1 year 1 Device Card • Autopilot improved • VPN new • Account Privacy • Best Android Security Product 2015, 2016, 2017 • PC MAG. Editor's Choice - 3 Years in a Row • AV TEST. 100% detection according to September 2018 Test • Recover your Device in a case of Loss or Theft. • Zero Impact on Battery Life.
NIVO#: 66372
Warranty: 1 year
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R 139.96
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Bitdefrnder Mobile Security

The Best Protection for Android devices

Bitdefender Mobile Security provides unbeatable cloud-based malware detection & a smart antitheft experience for your Android devices. Choose the Best Security, and Never Worry Again

Continuous Updates

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android is designed to protect you against the most advanced cyber threats on the planet.

Continuous updates come with every Bitdefender product, and accelerate the introduction of new features and simplify updating, upgrading and installing Bitdefender security.

Automatic Upgrades

Every Bitdefender product is designed to update automatically, and protect you against the most advanced cyber threats on the planet.

Upgrades to the latest version are included as part of your subscription.

This way, you’ll never miss out on new and improved features, even if you’re halfway through your subscription period.


Bitdefender consistently scores best protection in malware detection tests run by independent labs.


Bitdefender security software offers optimized speed and the best cross-platform performance.


Bitdefender complete protection takes care of your online privacy and personal information. On-Demand & On-Install Scan Scan your Android phone or tablet at any time to make sure all your apps stays clean. Plus, the antivirus module automatically scans each app once you install it, and immediately lets you know whether it poses any danger.


Extend mobile security to your smart watch. Don’t know where your phone is? Use your Android Wear device to make it scream so you can easily find it. Receive an alert when you step too far away from your phone, so you never leave it behind.

Web Protection

Browsing the Internet can take you to dangerous places, but Android security is always there to protect you. It alerts you to webpages that contain malware, phishing or other types of fraudulent content.

Autopilot improved

The new Autopilot has been designed to act as a and to give you deeper insights into your security posture. Its smart capabilities mean that it can recommend security actions in the context of your system needs and usage patterns.

Fast & Light-Weight

Bitdefender is amazingly powerful against malware, yet easy on your phone’s resources, so you won’t see any negative impact on performance. On-demand scanning is lightning fast, and the app only adds a second to the reboot time.

Battery & Performance Saver

We designed Bitdefender to give you the most effective protection, combined with effective power management. Since most heavy lifting happens in the cloud, there is no drain on your device’s resources, so your battery life remains virtually unaffected.

Bitdefender VPN

With Bitdefender VPN you can stop worrying about privacy on the web. It protects your online presence by encrypting all Internet traffic. Bitdefender Mobile Security includes up to 200 MB daily encrypted traffic for your Android devices.

Account Privacy improved

Check if your online accounts have been involved in any data breach. With so many popular websites and apps that issue warnings about database leaks, it’s easy to lose track of your exposed accounts. Account Privacy notifies you when your sensitive data is at risk, and lets you take action depending on its status.

App Lock

Protect your most sensitive apps so no one can mess with your settings or private info. Bitdefender lets you protect apps with a PIN code, adding an extra layer of protection. With Smart Unlock you can set your phone to allow direct access to your protected apps when using a trusted Wi-Fi network.


With Bitdefender Anti-Theft you can remotely locate, lock, wipe or send a message to your device in case of loss or theft. Plus, your Android phone is capable of self-defense: it snaps a mugshot of anyone who tries to tamper with it in your absence, and emails it to you.
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Manufacturer Code
Product Description
BitDefender Mobile Security for Android
Product Type
Medialess Product Key
Product Line
Android Mobile Security
License Type
FPP (Full Package Product)
Number of Users
Number of Devices
License Period
Subscription 1 Year
Distribution Media
Antivirus & Security
Mobile Security
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