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AMD Boxed A Series A10-7870K 3.9GHz Processor (AD787KXDJCBOX)
• 4.1GHz turbo frequency • Socket FM2+ • 4 Cores, 4 Threads • 4MB Cache • 28nm • Radeon R7 Graphics • Fan & Heatsink included
NIVO#: 52430Mnf.#: AD787KXDJCBOX
Line: A10 SeriesModel: A10 7870K
Warranty: 3 years
Availability  discontinued
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AMD A-Series Desktop APUs

Innovation designed for today’s modern applications

AMD A-Series APUs deliver great performance and best-in-class online gaming with an easy upgrade path for your desktop.

Best-in-class online gaming

  • ​Designed to play the most popular online and eSports games right out of the box on max settings with performance to spare
  • Averages over 60 fps on popular games like League of Legends® and Counter Strike®: Global Offensive1
  • Supports Microsoft® Xbox One™ game streaming through Windows® 10
  • AMD TrueAudio technology to hear more real time voices and channels in a game6

AMAZING performance, GREAT price

  • ​Fantastic Windows® 10 and accelerated app performance from leading software makers such as Adobe®, ArcSoft and Corel
  • Up to 1 TFLOPS of Compute Performance2
  • The AMD A10-7870KAPU provides Core i5 compute performance at Core i3 pricing3,4, plus up to double the graphics performance of the Intel Core i5 44605

Easy upgrades

  • ​Support for DDR3-2133 and higher with AMD Memory Profiles
  • Smoother gaming when you connect an AMD FreeSync™ technology-enabled monitor7
  • Unlocked CPU and GPU Cores8
  • Supports latest PCIe® Gen 3 Graphics Cards to enable performance gaming at ultra-HD resolutions

AMD FreeSync™ Technology

​A complete solution to eliminate screen tearing without all the usual lag and latency8 for a more seamless viewing experience.

Designed for online gaming

​Take your online gaming to the next level with stunning visuals and seamless gameplay on AMD A-Series Desktop APUs.

The Direct X® 12 difference

​With the new DirectX® 12 API from Microsoft®, you get blazingly fast performance, higher frames per second, and reduced latency. ​H3 Get evolved with AMD’s next-generation desktop APU AMD APU technology with up to 12 Compute Cores (4 CPU + 8 GPU)* features innovative Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture.9

*Visit to learn more about compute cores

Tuned for Modern Workloads

AMD A-Series APUs utilize the latest AMD Turbo Core technologies to optimize CPU and GPU performance in your latest applications, enabling up to 4.1GHz of CPU performance to deliver an amazing experience.

Get fantastic performance with GCN architecture

Immerse yourself in leading-edge graphics technology with Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture from AMD. This third-generation technology enables advanced features and the stunning performance of AMD Radeon™ graphics.10

Raise your game with DirectX® 12, Vulkan™, & Mantle

The new AMD A-Series APUs support the latest graphics APIs to bring next generation games to life. With support for these latest technologies in the latest AMD APUs, you can game at unprecedented levels of performance, with impressive effects and details.10

Experience breathtaking immersive audio

AMD TrueAudio technology makes 32-channel surround audio possible to make games sound better and deliver more accurate voice recognition. Experience a whole new level of immersion.10

Unlock your system’s full compute potential with HSA

Revolutionary Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) is a new standard in processor design where the CPU and GPU work together in harmony. With HSA, the full potential of AMD hardware is enabled for more efficient performance, so applications are fast and responsive.

1. Testing by AMD Labs. System Configurations: AMD A10-7870K with AMD Radeon™ R7 Graphics, 2x8GB DDR3-2400, 256 SSD, Windows 8.1 64 bit, Driver 14.502. Games tested: League of Legends tested at 1080p Max settings (AMD A10-7870K scored average 89 fps), Counter Strike: Global Offensive tested at 1080P ultra settings (AMD A10-7870K scored average 61.96 fps). GV-8
2. TFLOPS computed using AMD A10 7870K CPU clocks of 3.9GHz * 4 cores * 8 + GPU clocks of 866 MHz * 512 * 2 / 1000
3. Based on PCMark® Home testing using an AMD A10-7870K with 2x4 GB DDR3-2133, 256GB SSD, Windows 8.1, beta 15.10 drivers which scored 3437 in PCMark 8 Home v2. Intel i5 4460 with 2x4 DDR3-1600, 256GB SSD, Windows 8.1 Driver 3960 which scored 3172 in PCMark 8 Home v2. Pricing statement derived from Core i3 4360 pricing of $155US vs $150US for A10-7850K as of March 17, 2015 at GV-1
4. Testing by AMD Performance labs using an AMD A10-7870K with 2x4 GB DDR3-2133, 256GB SSD, Windows 8.1, beta 15.10 drivers which scored 1623 in 3DMark Fire Strike. Intel i5 4460 with 2x4 DDR3-1600, 256GB SSD, Windows 8.1 Driver 3960 which scored 741. GV-2
5. Testing by AMD Performance labs using AMD A10-7870K with 2x4 GB DDR3-2133, 256GB SSD, Windows 8.1, beta 15.10 drivers which scored 1623 in 3DMark Fire Strike. Intel i5 4460 with 2x4 DDR3-1600, 256GB SSD, Windows 8.1 Driver 3960 which scored 741 in 3DMark Fire Strike. GV-3
6. AMD TrueAudio technology is offered by select AMD A-Series APUs and is designed to improve acoustic realism. Requires enabled game or application. Not all audio equipment supports all audio effects; additional audio equipment may be required for some audio effects. Not all products feature all technologies—check with your component or system manufacturer for specific capabilities.
7. FreeSync is an AMD technology designed to eliminate stuttering and/or tearing in games and videos by locking a display’s refresh rate to the framerate of the graphics card. Requires Monitor, AMD Radeon™ graphics and/or AMD A-Series APU compliant with DisplayPort™ Adaptive-Sync 1.2 (or newer). AMD Catalyst™ driver 15.2 Beta (or newer) required. Adaptive refresh rates vary by display; check with your monitor manufacturer for specific capabilities. Only select AMD Radeon GPUs and A-Series APUs supported; see for full details
8. AMD’s product warranty does not cover damages caused by overclocking, even when overclocking is enabled via AMD hardware
9. The GCN architecture and its associated features (AMD Enduro™, AMD ZeroCore Power technology, DDM Audio, and 28nm production) are exclusive to the AMD Radeon™ HD 7700M, HD 7800M and HD 7900M Series Graphics and select AMD A-Series APUs. Not all technologies are supported in all system configurations—check with your system manufacturer for specific model capabilities.
10. Mantle, Vulkan or DirectX application support is required.

Specification top
Product Type
Desktop Processor
Product Line
A10 Series
Manufacturer Code
A10 7870K
Intended Use
Processor Core
Manufacturing Technology
28 nm
Package Type
Cooling Solution
Type of Thermal Solution
Fan & Heatsink
Clock Speed 
3.9 GHz
Max Turbo Frequency
4.1 GHz
95 watts
Number of Cores
Number of Threads
L1 Cache
2 x 96 KB 3-way set associative shared instruction caches
4 x 16 KB 4-way set associative data caches
L2 Cache
2 x 2 MB 16-way set associative shared caches
Integrated Graphics
Integrated Graphics
Graphics Type
AMD Radeon R7
Shader Cores
Graphics Cores
Graphics Base Frequency
866 MHz
No of Supported Displays
Memory Controller
Number of Controllers
Memory Channels
Supported Memory
Other Peripherals
Other Peripherals
TrueAudio accelerator
Video Coding Engine 2.0
Unified Video Decoder 4.0
PCI Express 3.0 interface
Advanced Technologies
AES instructions
AMD 64-bit technology
AMD Virtualization Technology
AVX / Advanced Vector Extensions
EVP / Enhanced Virus Protection
Turbo Core 3.0 technology
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